Why us?

Personalized care

We strive to get the customer what they want. Even if we have to walk you through it step by step, we will make sure the final product is what you have always invisioned.

Hard work ethic

As two teenagers about to go to college, there is nothing that motivates us more than experience and money. We will work long hours in order to finish the job on time.

Low prices

As highschool students with low expenses and the lack of a big company at our backs, we offer quality work at a price that is low compared to the big buisnesses.

Our Story

The beginning

MSquared was started by two seniors in high school, James and Zach. The two of them have been best friends since middle school when they used to play Minecraft together after school. Those many hours spent playing games together developed a passion for technology in both of them. James put his creativity to good use with his interests in graphics design and video editing while Zach gravitated towards the problem solving and critical thinking associated with computer programming. Although their partnership didn’t officially begin until their senior years of high school, they worked on many side projects, such as game modifications, during high school.

James and Zach decided to officially form MSquared when they were approached by Kelley Buttrick of KB Voiceovers, who was interested in providing an app to her future customers that would allow them to estimate the length of time a script would take to speak. Although neither James or Zach had developed an app before, they agreed to take on the challenge and began developing their first app for Android and the iOS, Time Your Script.

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